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Microsoft's new Power BI Platform is a new integrated suite of business intelligence software built from a set of familiar Microsoft technologies including PowerPivot, PivotChart and more. Dashboards created with Power BI provide clean and effective access to the wealth of data available to a corporation including not just transaction and sales related data but also survey and market research data. Power BI provides an superb development environment as well as an array of connectivity options to business software and databases.

Market research dashboards built from survey data can create special implementation issues with most business intelligence software. Appian Analytics can help you leverage this powerful software platform with your full range of data to build powerful interactive views and analysis. Power BI Provides a powerful data transformation environment with the Power Query and M programming language. These components provide an excellent resource for combining data from disparate databases, files, and web services. In addition, Appian Analytics are experts in highly automated data processing and analytics and can leverage this experience to ensure a scalable and automated system to fit your needs.

Expert Power BI Development and Implementation Services:

  • Dashboard and Full Application Development - Leverage Power BI inside your analytics application or dashboard system. Appian Analytics can help you with a simple dashboard implementation or an advanced system using the embedded version of Power BI. With embedded Power BI you can integrate the full features along with more advanced menu systems and other features not available directly.
  • Data Modeling - More complex data sets used in Power BI will require special modeling and transformation to make them properly usable inside the system.
  • Data Cleaning, Data Processing and Transformation - There are a variety of ETL requirements for most databases to be properly used in Power BI. Many activities can be formulated directly in Power Query while some activities are most optimally setup and automated before loading.
  • Analytics and Specialized Statistical Processes using R - Power BI provides a rich formula driven methodology (DAX) to summarize and calculate interactive analyses. Additionally, an external interface to the R statistical language. From basic to the most advanced statistical calculations leveraging R, Appian Analytics can help you meet your objectives.
  • Data Visualization - Power BI provides a rich range of visualizations to use with your data. There are a number of special techniques and custom add in graphics that can be used to enhance your experience.

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