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Today there are many hundreds of analytics software packages available for use in your projects. These technology solutions include a range of capability and include packages specialized in data cleaning, processing and organizing, performing simple to complex statistical calculations, data storage, data visualization, and also ways of interacting with the data such as sample dashboards or a complex software menu system. What's more, these technology solutions can vary widely in cost from many hundreds of thousands of dollars to free open source software such as R, Python, and others. But how do you choose the right technology to meet your needs?

Data Analysis Technology Packages

  • R: Statistical Environment
    R is a free software package that is highly specialized for use in simple to highly complex statistical analysis. This open source, statistical programming language provides and outstanding environment for use in your decision support projects. A wide range of libraries are available to solve a multitude of complex analytical challenges. These can be quickly accessed and used to solve even the most esoteric or complex quantitative program you might have. As an example, there are R packages specifically design for use geospatial applications, multi-variety statistical analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation, charting, interactive dashboards, and literally thousands more applications.

  • Python and Analytics Libraries
    Similar to the R statistical language, Python is an open source, freely distributable programming environment with a wide range of libraries available for specialized quantitative analysis, data management, and software application development. Similar to R, there are libraries for every imaginable quantitative challenge. Python however is a much more general purpose programming language that has been used to build an amazing array of well known software applications and websites such as: Instagram, Reddit, Spotify, DropBox, and many, many more.

  • SPSS: IBM Statistics
    SPSS, now owned by IBM and part of their analytics software group, is a specialized statistical analysis environment with a very large market share in the social research area and in particular market and marketing research. While it is also used in other industries and areas, SPSS software is very well suited because of its very rich meta-data management capabilities which are unrivaled by other solutions. For example, in research survey databases, a range of information is managed for stored data items including, question variable, question text, numeric response value, and a label based response value. As a result of this rich capability in survey analysis it is a ubiquitous data format used and provides very specialized analytical capabilities used in social research.

  • STATA: Data Analysis and Statistical Software
    STATA is a very widely used statistical programming and interactive analysis environment used heavily in academia and elsewhere. The STATA environment integrates data management, complex statistical capabilities, and visualization along with a very well regarded programming and scripting language useful for automating tasks. Appian Analytics has deep experience using STATA to solve many statistical challenges.

  • SAS: Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Management
    SAS is a premier statistical programming environment with libraries and system components useful not just for interactive or statistical programming and scripting but also for building full-fledged, statistical software applications.

  • Tabulation Packages for Survey Analysis
    Appian Analytics has many years of experience using specialized survey tabulation packages with social and market research survey data. Specialized tabulation software produce specific types of analytical tables and includes software such as WinCross, Desktop Reporter, MarketSight, mTab, Q, and others.

Dashboards and Interactive Reporting Software

  • Microsoft Power BI
    This recent addition to the Microsoft product line is an awesome software environment for developing dashboards and interactive reporting portals. The system is based on other well-known Microsoft software components including: Pivot Tables (PowerPivot), Pivot Graph, Power Query, Power Map, and a familiar but greatly enriched formula language. Power BI pulls together and integrates these components into one impressive software product.

  • Custom Software Development
    Sometimes the best software to use is custom software solution. Appian Analytics has deep experience developing specialized analytical software for use on research and other analytically intense applications.

  • MarketSight
    Powerful and easy for to understand for end users, this online software application provides impressive capability to compile data from research projects. What's more, there are excellent opportunities to build interactive reporting and dashboards for use in your projects.

  • SAP/Business Objects/Xcelsius
    Business Objects and the software originally known as Xcelsius is a powerful tool for quickly and easily building dashboards and interactive reporting software.

  • Tableau
    Tableau has certainly taken the decision support and dashboard market by storm. For many applications this powerful and excellent visualization tool can make end user analysis more effective. For data beyond traditional transactional based systems, there are a variety of advanced techniques required to make the data able to be accessed and used.

Appian Analytics will leverage highly experienced analytic specialists and software engineers who specialize in analytics software to build your dashboard or interactive analysis software. We can help your company choose the best technology to meet your specific needs as well as work with your team to design and build the correct solution.
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