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STATA Statistical Services

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STATA is a commercially available statistical programming and analytics environment that includes a very rich library of statistical routines as well as data visualization and data management. STATA is used extensively in the academic environment and is well regarded and used in formal environment globally. For some projects, only an implementation with STATA is appropriate because of the environment and because of the amount of commercial support available to STATA.

STATA Statistical Programming and Services:

  • STATA Programming and Script Development - Appian Analytics has deep expertise using STATA for simple to highly complex statistical analysis and programming.
  • STATA Analytical Workflow Automation - You can automate analytical processes related to analysis, statistics, and data management.
  • Data Management, Processing and Cleaning - Appian Analytics can develop routines to assist you with cleaning and processing your data.
  • Advanced Statistical Analysis - STATA offers an extensive library of statistical functions with superb documentation and application information.
  • Outsourced Legacy Application Management - Our experts can manage your legacy STATA applications that are critical to your ongoing analytical operations.

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