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Python is free and open source software development environment that is used to build a very wide range of applications including full fledged enterprise class internet applications as well as very complex scientific and analytics based software. While Python is a general purpose programming language, there are a very large number of special purpose analytical and statistical libraries available to extend functionality into very specific analytical applications.

Libraries are available for use that provide sophisticated capability in areas such as: big data processing and management, natural language processing and text analytics, geographic based analysis and mapping, multivariate statistical analysis, data visualization, dashboarding and interactive reporting, and much more.

Python Analytical Services and Application Development:

  • Python Application Development, Consulting and Implementation - Appian Analytics has expertise in developing full fledged online software applications using Python. Many famous web applications have been developed using Python such as Quora, Instagram, Reddit, and many more.
  • Script Development to automate tasks in your organization - You can automate key processes in your organization related to information and other work flow.
  • Data Cleaning, Processing, Database Loading (ETL) programs and scripts - Anytime you have to clean, process, organize, code, or transform data, Python is an outstanding tool for the job.
  • Geospatial Data Analysis, Mapping, Location Analytics and Geographic Point Location - There are a range of analytical operations that require some aspect of geography or a coordinate system. Examples include: geocoding, location identification in custom geographies such as sales regions, analytics related to a location, and more.
  • Natural language processing (NLP) and Other Text Analytics using a variety of Lexicons and Corpus - These applications are used in tagging open ended comment and positive and negative sentiment, topic classification, key phrase extraction and more.
  • Interactive Reporting and Dashboards - Python is an outstanding choice for building high performing, integrated dashboards and other analytic reporting

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