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SPSS is an IBM analytics statistical software package used extensively in the social research area especially in market research. SPSS was acquired by IBM and includes a product line with specialized components for fielding surveys (a.k.a. data collection), text analytics (SPSS Text Analytics), and data mining.

SPSS is used throughout industry but is particularly well suited for in research because of the amount of meta data it manages related to its data. In a market research survey database, SPSS will maintain information related to the technical variable name, question text, numeric response value and text based label value. This meta data is very valuable to survey analysis and research and as a result makes SPSS a routine tool used.

IBM SPSS Services:

  • Data Analysis - This includes simple to very complex multivariate statistical analysis, unstructured and text based information analysis, data processing and cleaning, reporting and data visualization.
  • Syntax Development to automate data processing and analytics - Appian Analytics can develop Syntax scripts for your to use to automate analytical processes in your organization.
  • Data Cleaning and Data Processing - Syntax scripts to clean, process, organize, code, and transform data.
  • Text Analytics - IBM SPSS has a special software package used for processing unstructured text information and for identifying positive and negative sentiment, assisted/automated open end coding, key phrase extraction, and more.

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