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Sales Analytics Maximizes Sales Team Performance

Now more than ever, businesses are being tasked with maximizing performance. Nowhere does the responsibility fall greater than with the sales team. Business plans throughout the globe are drawn up daily that are rooted in a foundation of strong sales projections. On the shoulders of the Vice President of Sales and the sales team lies the success or failure of these businesses.

Maximize sales team efforts with a variety of sales analytics approaches:

  • Traditional CRM Systems - CRM systems such as and others can be challenging to setup, load with data, keep updated, and to manage. The team at Appian Analytics can assist you with all your endeavors with managing your CRM system.
  • CRM Dashboard - A simple, yet powerful view on key performance metrics related to your sales force performance can be a major boost to your productivity and sales success.
  • Simplified Sales Team Tracking - Many times, tradition CRM systems can prove overly burdensome and complicated. In these cases, the amount of time spent keep the CRM updated outweighs the benefits. Appian has implemented a wide range of custom CRM systems that optimize the amount of time required while maximizing the success.
  • Automated Email Reports - Daily, Weekly or Monthly sales performance emails can be a terrific way to boost the productivity of your sales team. Often times a daily reminder of where a sales rep stands versus quota or versus other sales reps can provide all that's needed to turbo charge sales success.
  • Best Practice Benchmarking - Tracking, reporting and benchmarking your top sales reps is a valued tool for improving sales team performance. In many cases, emulating and tracking the activities and approach of either your best performers or a prescribed approach will improve the success of building and closing sales revenue.
  • Win/Loss Analysis - Performing this type of detailed review of important or key sales deals is an outstanding method to better understand why your sales team either won or lost deals. With the Win/Loss sales analytic approach your business can better profile how successful deals were closed and also identify issues or alternative approaches to ensure less sales getting lost.
  • Prospect Segmentation - With a properly segmented customer and prospect database you will be able to increase effectiveness by facilitating uniquely tailored messages and approach to customers.

The team at Appian can help you on a wide variety of sales analytics approaches to pinpoint issues, monitor performance, and improve sales success. There are a variety of consulting frameworks our team is experienced in to help you identify the approach that can be most helpful in your situation. Also, the a variety of technology oriented solutions can be selected to fulfill your objectives in the most cost effective way.

Sales Force Performance Dashboard With a sales force performance monitoring dashboard from Appian Analytics you will be able to track sales team performance in one concise view. Dashboards are an outstanding way to monitor the performance of your company's most vital asset and ensure proper deployment and success in achieving sales goals.

  • Top level view of company-wide, regional and individual sales rep performance
  • Integrated views of key information related to the success of the sales team.
  • Clear, concise and easy to access performance information.
(Click to view fully-functioning dashboard)

Appian Analytics can provide you with an off-the-shelf sales analytics dashboard solution and/or customize a sales dashboard to fit your unique company's systems and information needs. Dashboards will allow you to stay on top of your teams performance, communicate performance to your team, and incentivize performance by communicating each team member's status.

Sales Force Performance Dashboard

Send each sales team member a fully customized performance report via email. With this simple yet powerful feedback approach, you can leverage the competitive spirit of each sales team member to motivate them to reach top performance levels. This performance report includes each team member's performance and success at achieving goals.

Periodic Emailed Sales Analytics Reports Compare Rep and Manager Performance to:

  1. Top performing sales reps and managers
  2. The activities that top performers accomplish
  3. Sales regions or districts and their performance
  4. How activities are performed by top-performing sales reps
  5. Success at obtaining sales objectives, quotas, and plans

Best Practice Benchmarking

Appian Analytics can conduct a thorough review of your sales team members to identify best practices. With best practice information obtained from your team, each team member is benchmarked against top performing sales reps. With this information, you can review how your sales team members differ in their approach, activities and what works.

Each study includes a full review of sales team member experience, capabilities, and their approach to account planning, management, and development. To facilitate this, Appian Analytics uses a fast and efficient online survey to collect the data from team members. Additionally, you provide your historical CRM data which is analyzed and integrated into a thorough, fully customized analysis of your company, sales regions/districts, and team member performance.

Win/Loss Analysis

Sales Analytics can review your track record in selling to customers to determine what works and what doesn't. This post review of your company's performance encompasses all the critical facets related to winning business.

The Win/Loss Analysis is comprised of obtaining critical information related to the sales process and why you won or lost the sale. In the Win/Loss Analysis, Appian Analytics team members collect vital information about the sales process and what the key constituents thought about why they did or did not buy from your company. The Win/Loss analysis includes a number of key criteria useful in measuring and monitoring your businesses success versus the competition.

Account Review and Segmentation

It is important to properly differentiate the potential and therefore priorities of your sales team. Segmentation involves identification of the groups in your customer base that form natural clusters. These clusters are based on commonalities found in a complete review of your CRM data and primary research with your sales team, managers, and others.

With a properly segmented customer and prospect database you will be able to increase effectiveness by facilitating uniquely tailored messages and approach to customers. Using your CRM and other information Appian's analytical methods will help you identify who will respond most favorably to particular messages, approaches, offers, feature emphasis, and product or service bundles.

Sales Analytics Data Sources

  • CRM Data from any system (, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Goldmin, Act, more.
  • Online survey of each sales team member
  • Prospect databases / mailing lists
  • Best Practice Data

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