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Every business is unique and so are their back office systems. Each business has certain data, processes, and other unique aspects that are critical to business performance. For operational analytics, that includes reporting, dashboards, and other analytics using the wide variety of disparate information systems, Appian Analytics can bridge the gap for you and create a solution to meet your needs.

Operational and back-office systems can include a variety of systems such as financial, marketing, inventory and other systems. Obtaining the reports and analytics from this range of data involves:

  • Identifying Key Performance Metrics
  • Extracting Data From Source Systems
  • Converting and Transforming Data
  • Loading Integrated Data
  • Reporting Systems
  • Interactive Dashboards

Online Dashboard and Reporting Software

Appian Analytics can create an online system for your business to access performance information generated from your operational analytics. We specialize in designing easy-to-use analytics systems that are used in business performance monitoring and ongoing decision making.

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