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Analytics using information about your employees is an important component to managing business performance. In addition to financial data such as salaries, benefits, and expenses, there is essential information about employee attitude, satisfaction, job knowledge, and commitment to the business mission. Human Resource Analytics integrates this wealth of data into a more complete picture of employee performance.

Appian Analytics can integrate the range of data from human resource, payroll, accounting and other systems. Additionally, a wealth of critical, non financial information about the employees can be leveraged to get a more thorough perspective on employee management. (For example, years of experience, background and education, etc.)

Employee Assessment

Appian can also conduct a survey of your managers and employees to collect information about knowledge of their business function, attitudes about the business strategy, feedback on managers and co-workers, knowledge of the company mission, satisfaction with the job, and more. This information can help management to ensure a high productive and commitment work team. Importantly, this type of feedback can be obtained confidentially.

  • Get Feedback on an Employee's Managers and Co-Workers
  • Assess Knowledge of the Business Mission
  • Evaluate Commitment to the Business Strategy
  • Solicited Ideas and Improvement Suggestions
  • Determine Management Potential and Other Competencies
  • Identify Gaps in Business Line Knowledge

Look to our team for help on your important one-time project or for an ongoing project to monitor performance. Either way, human resources analytics of this nature can help your company accomplish their goals, productivity, and profitability.

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