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Analytics using accounting, financial, inventory and related information systems is a critical aspect of monitoring and managing the performance of a business. But often times, this data is stored in separate software application silos. As a result, it can be very time consuming and technically difficult to integrate the data from these disparate systems and obtain the complete view needed for accounting analytics needs. If your company is a small or mid-sized business, getting the data from these systems integrated and automatically updated can be very challenging.

Appian Analytics specializes in developing data intensive analytic applications that are perfect for integrating data from the disparate systems for ongoing business performance monitoring and accounting analytics. These types of systems include applications such as:

  • Integrated Business Performance Monitoring - A dashboard that integrates your key performance metrics can be a superb solution to staying on top of business performance
  • Project Profitability Tracking - Tracking the profitability of individual jobs or projects provides an advanced look at how your financial performance is proceeding. With this type of rigorous, ongoing analysis of your individual jobs your business will have less financial surprises and better manage performance.
  • Workflow Automation - Appian Analytics can automate your processes and make your back office work more efficient, faster, less error prone and more cost effective.
  • Automatically Updated Managerial Reports - If you have specialized reports that need to be automatically created and run off your accounting and other back office systems, those reports and even the most complex analyses can be automated and provided on an ongoing basis.
  • Activity-Based Accounting (ABC) - Activity based accounting is a specialized approach to calculating and managing cost that first identifies all the activities involved in production and then the cost. A specialized, online activity based cost system can be used to identify inefficiencies and improve productivity and cost effectiveness.
  • Accounting System Workflow Automation - If you have a variety of data intensive process you need to manually perform to keep your accounting systems up-to-date, Appian Analytics can automate those processes and make them more efficient.
  • Integrating Non Financial Performance with Accounting Systems - This, "balanced scorecard" approach, identifies certain non financial metrics that are essential to the success of a business (For example, customer satisfaction.) These metrics are then collected on an ongoing basis and integrated into reports, dashboards, software, and other management reporting.
  • Service Productivity, Cost and Profitability - A variety of non standard business performance measures can be added to the accounting analytics reports, dashboards, and other systems. These non standard measures can be calculated and reported on an ongoing basis using a software or service approach.
  • Specialized Ongoing Accounting-Driven Analytics - Does your business have some type of specialized data or analysis that is not a standard output from your accounting, financial or other back-office systems? Appian Analytics has the specialized data and analytics skills that can create any type of specialized accounting analytics you need.

One Time Project, Ongoing Services or Custom Software

Appian Analytics can work with you on an important one-time project to help you build an accounting or financially based analysis. Look to us for individual project assistance using your data and other back office information systems. We have the specialized financial and analytical skills to assist you with the tasks plus the deep technical experience in the analytic software needed to get your job done.

Alternatively, Appian Analytics can create custom software to automate tasks, integrate data and manual processes, produce complex reports, provide business dashboards, or deliver other software to meet your needs.

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