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Do you have time-consuming workflow tasks in your organization that you suspect can be automated? Call Appian Analytics to discuss your internal workflow, back-office, and other processes to identify opportunities to streamline and automate work. Many times there are key tasks, data entry, spreadsheets, and other processes that can be made more efficient through automation and the use of cost effective online systems. Many times a process that seems to be manual can be made more efficient, higher quality and lower cost.

Types of Workflow Automation:

  • Spreadsheets - Spreadsheets are notorious for causing inefficient, time-consuming and error prone work. Oftentimes an automation system via a macro, or external processing program can improve the speed and efficiency of spreadsheet type work including: data aggregation, data entry, data collection, information analysis, data integration, and much more.
  • Data Entry Systems - Many tasks related to back office data entry can be automated through the use of a programmed and intelligent data entry system. This system can be an efficient and cost effective online data entry system that provides automated lookup, error checking, proofing, automatic data calculations, email alerts, and much more.
  • Fully Customized Documents - Routinely produced documents and other reports and statements can often be fully created or partially automated. These types of actives usually involve data from other sources that can be automatically obtained through data connections and/or programmatic logic to determine values.
  • High Volume Production - Reports can be automatically produced including full graphical analysis and reports, emails, Word and Excel documents, and other online documents.
  • Automate Internet-Based Data Collection - Many companies need to keep record of information stored online by competitors and others. Rather than relying on a manual copy and paste process you can automatically have this information accurately and automatically recorded on a consistent basis.
  • Automatically Generated Text - Summaries and other descriptive information can be automatically generated, formatted, and placed in your documents, forms, and reports. This can streamline your work by either fully automating the text generation or partially automating that text so that a human person can more quickly finish the writing.
  • Eliminate Errors - Workflow automation can greatly increase the quality of internal and external work deliverables by eliminating errors that occur from typical manual processes.
  • Appian Analytics has deep expertise in automating operational workflow processes and can work with you to brainstorm a solution that is cost effective and optimizes your time and economics.

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