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Sales Force Automation

There are a wide variety of tasks related to the sales cycle. Its critical to keep sales related staff focused and concentrated on sales contacts, communications, and their process. Any time spent on administrative tasks is a waste for your important sales staff. With key sales process automation and other supportive systems to make work more efficient, your company can greatly increase performance.

Maximize Sales Team Efficiency:

  • Automated Sales Process Tasks - Any number of manual and administrative tasks related to the sales process are candidates to be simplified and automated.
  • Simple CRM Systems - Oftentimes CRM systems are overly complex and time-consuming. While this helps justify the high price tag of such systems, too often it sabotages the productivity of your sales team. Appian can help you implement a simple CRM system that maximizes the information you need while minimizing the manual work required.
  • Sales Dashboard - An interactive view of key sales metrics simplifies management and oversight as well as motivates the sales team.
  • Automated Sales Tracking - Valuable sales performance tracking can be automatically generated and shared with key management and team members via scheduled and automatically generated graphical email reports. This information be both embedded directly in the email for simplicity, attached as a full report, or via a website URL link to a quick view of performance.
  • Sales Benchmarking - Performance and motivation can be greatly increased with key comparison information, graphical displayed, that shows how a team member is performing versus a variety of benchmarks such as past performance, progress to quota, versus other teammates, and more.
  • Automated Sales Reporting - Any reporting related to the sales process could potentially be automated and made much more efficient.

Call the team at Appian for help you to discuss your sales automation questions. Many times a key process or task might be able to be streamlined through automation or a key system. Oftentimes this can be an inexpensive and very simple solution.

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