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Migrating data including converting, processing, and integrating data from multiple sources can be a time consuming and error-prone process. To increase your team's productivity, limit cost, and maximize quality your company can leverage a team with deep experience in data migration and ETL (Extraction/Transformation/Load.)

Appian Analytics can manage and automate your data intensive processes related to moving data into and out of multiple disparate databases. This includes all the activities required to prepare the data for use in other systems including:

  • Data Cleaning - Automate tasks related to cleaning data for use in other systems such as technical database coding, data cleaning and editing, mailing list preparation, converting database codes to words, etc.
  • Calculations and Analytics - Integrate anything from simple to very complex calculations and analytics. Appian is expert in the most advanced types of database analytical methods and can get your data setup quickly and effectively.
  • Structure and Transformation - Moving data from source systems to other database structures often requires transformation procedures to change and alter the structure of the data to make it usable.
  • Load Data Into Separate Systems - After the required processes your data can be loaded into the appropriate data system including relational databases such as Microsoft SQL and MySQL or into other structures including spreadsheets, ASCII files, flat files, relational files, online sources, 3d party commercial applications, and more.

If you need help, advice, or services related to an important data migration, the team at Appian is available to help on a wide range of analytics, migration, data processing, cleaning, manipulation, analytical processing, conversion, and more.

Stop wasting time on data and focus on your business!

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