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Now more than ever, the marketing team is pushed to deliver more results with less many and people. By implementing marketing automation for key processes, you can increase the effectiveness of your efforts. Appian Analytics offers a range of services to assist with the automation of marketing processes and workflows. Often these tasks include complicated data conversion, database management, processing, and reporting. Each of these work steps can be made more efficient, higher quality, and cost effective.

Marketing Process Automation Examples:

  • Marketing Data Integration - We can help you use your marketing data more effectively--marketing-customer lists, website traffic, prospects lists, email mailing success metrics, direct mail disposition, advertisement expenditures and more.
  • Marketing Data Work Flow - The disparate marketing databases often need to be integrated, analyzed and reported. Appian can help you do these tasks in an automated system.
  • Marketing Dashboard - A dashboard can help you automatically obtain the key performance metrics you require about all your marketing activities: email, direct mail, website, display ads, and more.
  • Database Management - Having one source of all your marketing data together in one place can enhance your decision making and make your whole marketing team more effective.
  • Marketing Model Management - An entire range of marketing analytic models can be managed and updated on an automated basis so that your team is always on top of performance.

Appian Analytics can work with your company to develop a marketing automation system that will meet the needs of your team. We have team members with deep experience in marketing systems and the unique software and other technology needed.

Stop wasting time on data and focus on your business!

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