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Do you have a difficult data conversion, data transformation or data migration project that you would like to get completed quickly and cost effectively? It doesn't matter if the data conversion services needed are for data in a relational database, a spreadsheet or some other type of format. It also doesn't matter if the data is in an old file format or strange ASCII layout. Also, some clients even have data that came from a mainframe or mini computer or some other arcane source. Finally, some clients even have data on a tape or CD-ROM that they need to access. Appian Analytics has many years of experience obtaining data from media sources and obscure file formats and can convert that data into something that you can use.

What's more, Appian Analytics data conversion services will not only read your data but we will also arrange that data into a physical arrangement that you can use for your reporting, review or analysis. This might include transforming the physical arrangement of the data from a number of relational database tables into an easy to use flat-file or spreadsheet. Alternatively, you might need to take a flat file or files and change the layout into a database arrangement that can loaded into a database. The database could be Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, or even Microsoft Access.

Appian Analytics has extensive experience with data conversion, migration, and other transformation processes. Don't mess around with vendors who are not capable of giving you the complete solution!

Legacy Data

Appian Analytics also has many years of experience extracting value from legacy data and providing easy-to-use database formats and reports back to clients. We can convert data from a wide variety of disparate data formats, computing environments and media types. Our ability includes the use of specialized data processing equipment needed for converting media sources such as 9-track, 3480/3490/3490E, digital linear tape, and others.

Example Data File Formats:

  • ASCII Fixed
  • Print Images
  • Binary
  • DB2
  • dBase
  • AS 400
  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • R
  • DIF
  • EDI (EDIFACT/x.12)
  • MS SQL
  • MS Access
  • XML
  • Sybase
  • Variable Length
  • Variable Block
  • Stop wasting time on data and focus on your business!

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