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Do you need to have data cleaned, converted, processed, and transformed into a new data structure? This automated data processing is sometimes referred to as Extraction, Transformation, Load or just "ETL" for short. Regardless of the name, this is a specialized type of data job that is typically needed in order to have raw data converted into a format and data layout structure that will work in some other analytical, business intelligence, or reporting application.

Look to Appian Analytics for help on a wide range of automated data processing, database manipulation, analytical processing, data conversion, and data enrichment services. What's more, we will leverage our highly automated methodologies to get the job done quickly and cost effectively.

Automated Data Processing Examples:

  • Integrate Transaction Databases - It can be required for many analytical and reporting software to have multiple relational databases integrated into one table. This can simplify and speed performance for reporting and business intelligence applications.
  • Restructuring Data - Create spreadsheet-like flat file from databases or take a flat file and make a database. This is an essential task in the data analysis and reporting process. Going in either direction depends on the application with which you are working, the performance you need, or the reporting you have to do.
  • Cleaning and Formatting - Sometimes your data needs to be cleaned up with tasks like changing codes into labels, removing swear words from comments.
  • Combine Data From Spreadsheets - A key benefit of spreadsheets is the ability to have data stored in a very loosely structured format. The problem however is that if you are going to take that data and move into a structure that can be systematically and automated analyzed, processed and reporting. In those cases, you will need an intelligent parsing type automated routine to read the various components of your spreadsheet and build the data structure you need.
  • Migrating, consolidating, and summarizing data - Sometimes you might need to take detailed data and calculate summarize to use in other analyses or reporting applications
  • Analytics - Perform all types calculations and statistic analysis on your data. Appian excels in this area and can implement anything from the mundane to the most complex statistical modeling.
  • Enriching Database with Public or 3d Party data - You may need to integrate data from outside your organization into your databases. This type of data might include economic data, Census data, crime data, or any of a variety of other public or 3d party private databases.
  • Calendar Operations - In certain applications its important to change how the dates are stored in your data. This might be as simple as displaying the dates in a different format, marking your data for the season, or tagging the information for holidays or even weather events.
  • Generate Automated Text - You may need to generate text based descriptions of your information
  • Web Page Scrapping - also, known as web spidering, this is a way of extracting information and data from web sites in an automatic yet intelligent way
  • Text Analysis - The team at Appian Analytics has deep experience using natural language processing to create automated textual analysis of your data such as categorization and sentiment. This is especially useful for projects using web based
  • Reading Unstructured Data - This includes text as already listed but also certain types of non structured data that might be stored in "print images."
  • Integrate Data Entry - There are times when you have to go back to manual data entry of some type of information. A good example even in todays highly computerized environment has to do with translating what is seen in a picture or video into categories of information or descriptions. Appian even has experience in this now specialized field and can leverage cost effective resources to perform "double key" verification to ensure 99.9% accuracy.

Automated Data Processing Services or Custom Software

If you require making the same database manipulations periodically, it may be beneficial to build a special purpose custom software application. Either way, Appian Analytics has experienced staff and industry expertise to provide you with a superior, cost-effective solution.

Detailed Examples of Automated Data Processing:

Data Processing Example Automated Data Processing Services
Data extraction from print images

Do you have important data locked away in print image files? Many times company transaction systems will generate certain reports and other management information in print image files.

Often, these print image files are intended only for printing and not extraction and use. The challenge arises when the information in the print image file needs to be used elsewhere.

Appian Analytics can create automated routines that will scan your print image file(s) and create an easy to use database. Once in a database, the information can be analyzed using a spreadsheet or database application. What's more, we can apply a number of intelligent processes to summarize, recode, reformat, and tabulate the data so that it is ready to use in your analysis.

Data extraction from unstructured content Do you have data buried in text or some other unstructured format that cannot be analyzed in a systematic way? Appian Analytics can pull the important data items out of your unstructured format and build an easy-to-use spreadsheet or database.
Text manipulation: Parse text , change formatting, recode data, separate data fields

Appian Analytics can apply a wide-variety of automated data processing and reformatting options to your database to make it more useful. Operations with text parsing, text splitting, data recoding, and format changes can all be accomplished as an outsourced project.

A simple operational example would be to change the format of a date, separate the components into fields, and create new information.

Data manipulation: Copy and move data throughout your information source Is your data spread out and difficult to retrieve and analyze? Appian Analytics can create automated data processing routines that will rearrange your data into a more logical, organized structure so that you can easily analyze and review your data.
Intelligent text analysis and text mining Do you need to extract meaning or some other key information from text? Appian Analytics can help you analyze text information and create a systematic database of the concepts contained in the text. Using proprietary algorithms, Appian Analytics can gain understanding from your text files and translate the text into data you can analyze.
Database creation from web pages by Scraping or Spidering Do you need to create a database using information from one or more web pages on a website? Appian Analytics can automatically scan static or dynamic web pages and create a database with the information you need. What's more, we can give it to you in the format that you require.

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