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Do you need to provide interactive web reporting development capabilities to your company, clients, or partners? Do you have important reports that need to be distributed to users on a regular basis? Do you have the need for an interactive reporting system that users can access using a standard web browser? Do you need your web reporting to be done either from a regular desktop computer as well as for end users that might access web reports from a mobile device including Apple iPad or iPhone as well as other devices?

Appian Analytics has deep technical expertise in building online web reporting development software. We draw from a number of different technologies in order to pick the absolute best solution for your problem. Appian Analytics can help you with the wide variety of issues related to building web reporting software including:

  • Requirements Definition - Defining your web reporting development project requirements is one of the most important steps in the development process. Doing a thorough job of defining the expected requirements of the web reporting application will help ensure success in the deployment of your custom software. The Appian Analytics team has deep experience the development of requirements and will help you identify what you need in your software, the best technology to choose, as well as powerful ways to visualize your data.
  • Web Reporting Development Technology - There are a range of excellent web reporting platforms available but how do you choose the right one? Appian Analytics has staff who are expert in a wide range of platforms that are used for a variety of web reporting, analytics, and dashboard needs. Choosing the best software for your needs depends a range of factors related to your project including the actual web reporting output desired, data analysis requirements, source database size, type of data to be analyzed, number of users, the types of controlled and secure access to the data required, and more.
  • Database Scheme Design - Critical to fast and efficient interactive reporting is the way that data is arranged and stored for retrieval from your reporting software. Appian Analytics has expert capability in relational database management scheme design including star scheme, dimensional, multi-dimensional (OLAP), and other relational database designs.
  • Database Development - You will need to identify the data needed in your web reporting environment. Most data should come directly from you internal systems, market research surveys, marketing data, and other sources but you may also need 3d party data to be integrated. This could include publicly available data from the Census, Bureau of Labor, and other agencies. Finally, you may have syndicated data sources such as Nielsen or Dun and Bradstreet to also integrate. Appian Analytics has broad experience across a wide range of data sources and is adept at integrating and even recommending important data sources for your project.
  • Data Loading - This involves the process of taking data from one or more sources, cleaning the data, labeling the data, and putting the data in the proper order and electronic format for loading into the database management system. Its important to have this process scripted (automated) so that the data loading can effectively be done on an ongoing basis or even to allow a simple refresh of data when some new data becomes available for your reporting.
  • System Setup - Appian will setup your on-site, or off-site/cloud hosting environments for the web reporting database and software. This step includes load testing and development of the appropriate hardware specifications to provide the optimal performance based on the number of users and the demands of the typical web reporting development needs. There are a number of performance considerations and cost implications that must be considered when choosing from the range of options and vendors available. Each has different benefits and drawbacks and this decision is based on the totality of aspects developed in this step by step list. Appian has experience with setting up dedicated hosting, using cloud sources such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and others.

In addition to the web reporting requirements definition there is also the analytics considerations of your web reporting development project. Appian Analytics has a deep range of skills throughout analytics and reporting. Because our main business is analytics, statistics, and other business analysis, our team can bring that experience to bear on your project.

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