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Appian Analytics specializes in analytics and statistical software development. We bring a wide range of related experience on projects to design easy-to-use and high performance custom data and statistical software. What's more, we not only have the deep technical experience in statistics but also big data, business intelligence, data warehousing, and advanced software development skills and experience. By leveraging the Appian's multi-disciplinary experience and resources you can get your statistical software development application developed quickly and cost effectively.

Your development project may require complete custom development, purely configuring off-the-shelf software tool, or even a hybrid approach of integrating off-the-shelf software with custom routines and interfaces. Regardless, the team at Appian has the experience to get the optimal statistical software development completely quickly and cost effectively.

Choosing the Right Technology:

Its essential to choose the right technology for your custom statistical software development. The right technology, development language and environment will provide the baseline for your level of performance, array of capabilities, and project cost effectiveness. Appian Analytics, is expert in a number of core analytical approaches and will help you make the best choice.

In terms of applied statistical languages there are a number of solid choices that that Appian Analytics team has hands on experience with and can program for your project either directly or via an embedded framework:

In addition to the pure, applied statistical environments, you can also do your statistical software development using a more general purpose language and leverage specialized statistical or analytical libraries that are available. Additionally, in a hybrid approach you can built out your application on the web using the general purpose language and embedded capabilities from the applied languages. Choosing the proper development framework in this sense is part of the most important decisions to be made on your custom development. The Appian team's experience includes an array of analytics applications developed using:

  • Microsoft Technology .NET - Microsoft offers a number of development alternatives for building world class statistical applications including C#, Visual Basic, etc.
  • Python - Python has an enormous set of thousands of analytical libraries that can be quickly leveraged to add highly specialized capabilities. These libraries are free and include capabilities such as: statistical analysis, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), geographical visualization/mapping, fuzzy matching, and much more.
  • Microsoft SQL Server - Microsoft's flagship enterprise database server is an outstanding choice for managing big data. Additionally, it has widespread adoption in the many cloud hosting environments as well as support.
  • MySQL - MySQL which is now owned by Oracle provides an outstanding performance database that is free to use and also widely supported by hosting providers.
  • Business Intelligence - The Appian team has broad experience with a variety of business intelligence platforms and can leverage those technologies when the make sense for you statistical software development.

The Appian Analytics team are trained in formal software development methodologies to help ensure success on your project. Our consulting approach ensures success throughout the development process with tried and true approaches in requirements gathering, software construction plans, resource planning, effort estimation, change control, GUI/interface design, usability testing, source code/version control and quality assurance testing and risk management. These formal software development approaches are essential to the success of a complex statistical software development project.

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