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Do you have a statistical analysis challenge to tackle? Let Appian Analytics help you review your problem and suggest the proper statistical technique and process to implement to get the right answer. Many times a statistical challenge involves not just the actual statistical analysis to use for your project but it also includes the need to collect data and organize that data into a structure that supports the type of analysis you need to perform.

The team at Appian Analytics has a specialized team of statisticians with deep industry and functional problem experience to assist you with both the proper statistical approach but also the multitude of tasks required to get your dataset to together and in an organization that can be used to perform your analysis.

This data may require integration of a variety of massive databases ("Big data") together into one relational database management system. Often times there can be an array of data cleaning steps that need to be performed to make the data ready for use. These steps can include data trimming methods, data sampling, tagging and categorizing data, correctly transforming data codes into readable labels, and much more.

Keep in mind that the team at Appian Analytics are expert at automation. So we can setup a highly efficient system to perform your data preparation steps on an ongoing basis. This is essential to building a high quality process that is also cost effective and provides a fast turn around time for a one time project or an ongoing requirement.

Furthermore, an automated/programmed process provides an outstanding way to maintain ongoing work consistency and the ability to audit processes for ensure success.

Look To Appian Analytics For Outsourced Assistance With:

Survey tabulation

Mathematical statistics

Descriptive statistics

Experimental design

Linear Programming

Exploratory statistics

Forecasting models

Time series analysis

ANOVA analysis

CHAID analysis



Cluster analysis

Discriminate analysis

Factor analysis

Multivariate analysis

Logistic regression

Multiple regression

Simple linear regression

Probability tree construction


Reliability and validity testing

Data transformation

linear modeling

LISREL/Path analysis

Dyadic data analysis

Dichotomous data analysis


R Statistical Programming

Python with Numpy/Scipy/Pandas/etc.

SAS Programming


IBM SPSS syntax


STATA Statistics


Our staff are experts in exploratory and experimental methods, probabilistic risk assessment, data analysis, and data mining. We offer short-term and quick turnaround as well as long-term consulting and advice. You can leverage the power of experts in statistical analysis to augment your own management, engineering, or scientific staff.

Custom Data Science Software Development

Appian Analytics can also design a custom software application for your statistical anlaysis needs. This software can be created as a result of a statistical analysis project which can then be used by yourself or your team for future analysis needs. This software can be created to handle your current data as well as future data updates. In fact, Appian Analytics can design a a secure web-based application for your statistical anlaysis or even an offline, Windows-based software in a variety of custom software or even 3d party applications such as SAS, SPSS, STATA or other applied statistical analysis applications.

Additionally, there is a very deep and constantly growing library of general and highly special purpose statistical analysis packages available for the open source languages of both Python and the R Statistical Programming Language. These software tools are outstanding choices for building statistical analysis software that can be used for both simple as well as highly complex problems. Each tool has specialized modules for challenges such as natural language processing, Multivariate statistics, machine learing, spatial analysis and goegraphic applications, and much more.

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