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Do you have a large and complex database that you want to use in reporting and analysis using business intelligence software? It can take substantial effort and focus to learn all the complexities related to a building a business intelligence software application. This includes not just the software itself but also the design of the menus and graphics screens, the development of a high performance data model, populating the database in a high performance and repeatable way, and also the networking and systems hosting issues to meet the performance and scalability needs.

Even if you plan to build your application using cloud-based or off-the-shelf business intelligence software, there is still substantial work involved in getting to your final polished software. By outsourcing your project to Appian Analytics, you can leverage staff that are experienced in both the specialized software used in special purpose business intelligence software including the user management, back-end database/data warehouse, ongoing database population.

Selecting the Best Business Intelligence Software

Appian Analytics will help you select the best software to meet your requirements. Often times the best approach differs based on the specific use case defined through requirements gathering. Many vendors will seek to force you into the technology with which they are most experienced. On the other hand, Appian has a wide range of experience in analytics and business intelligence software. We will choose the platform and approach that best meets your needs.

Business Intelligence Software Experience:

  • Microsoft Power BI - This software from Microsoft is a newer addition to the business intelligence software marketplace. Even though, Microsoft has made major commitment to integrating and developing this software platform into their entire software stack. Appian has very positive experience building and deploying business intelligence software applications for end users. The platform itself provides a great deal of capability, excellent business graphics, and even superb geo graphic information systems capabilities. Importantly the dashboard is output as HTML5 which provides broad device playability including all mobile devices we have tested (Apple included), desktops, and more. Importantly, Power BI offers substantial ability to integrate with other technologies and portals.
  • SAP Dashboard Design (formally Xcelsius) - This business intelligence software provides a very fast way to deploy stunning dashboard visualizations to end users. The output is in Adobe flash which has historically been a primary method for providing interactive content on the Internet. Appian has deployed a very large number of software projects using this platform and has integrated it with massively large and complex databases.
  • Custom HTML5 Dashboards - If your business needs a highly custom application, you may need to design the business intelligence software using custom development rather than off-the-shelf software. This scenario can occur if you have a complicated menu need, complicated graphics, or other project complexities. Appian has experience building a variety of high end business intelligence software application from scratch using HTML5 and custom back end components and relational database management systems.
  • Tableau Business IntelligenceTableau offers a high performance application with outstanding menu and graphics capabilities. Even though this software can be purchased off-the-shelf or in the cloud and offers easy-to-use setup, often times any project that is not basic can require assistance. Appian has experience in a number of industries implementing Tableau for clients.

Appian Analytics has specialized development teams who are skilled at using business intelligence and data warehouse tools. Our analysts and software engineers are experts in building easy-to-use, high performance data-intensive software. Our teams are trained in formal software development methodologies to help ensure success. This formal software development approach provides for a fast and high quality process.

Sample Software Construction Plans:

  • Software construction, resource planning, and resource estimation
  • Business requirements development, collection, and documentation
  • Business intelligence software selection, database selection, visualization packages
  • Ongoing project requirements management and change control
  • User interface flow, GUI design, and usability testing
  • Database Modeling, data warehouse development, data transformation/extraction/load
  • System documentation, style guide, user guide, and user manual creation
  • Source code and version control management
  • Technical board review, and peer review
  • Quality assurance planning, risk management
  • Beta testing, white and black box quality assurance
  • Security, data access rights, user account management
  • Hosting, cloud host provider selection, networking and connectivity
  • Installation, deployment documentation, release sign-off

The Appian Analytics consulting approach ensures success throughout the development process with tried and true techniques and management principles. Following this formal software development process helps to ensure success in staying within budgets and delivering the right functionality on-time.

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