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Do you have a large and complex database that you want to use in reporting and analysis using business intelligence software? It can take substantial effort and focus to learn all the complexities related to a building a business intelligence software application. This includes not just the software itself but also the design of the menus and graphics screens, the development of a high performance data model, populating the database in a high performance and repeatable way, and also the networking and systems hosting issues to meet the performance and scalability needs.

Even if you plan to build your application using cloud-based or off-the-shelf business intelligence software, there is still substantial work involved in getting to your final polished software. By outsourcing your project to Appian Analytics, you can leverage staff that are experienced in both the specialized software used in special purpose business intelligence software including the user management, back-end database/data warehouse, ongoing database population.

Selecting the Best Business Intelligence Software

Appian Analytics will help you select the best software to meet your requirements. Often times the best approach differs based on the specific use case defined through requirements gathering. Many vendors will seek to force you into the technology with which they are most experienced. On the other hand, Appian has a wide range of experience in analytics and business intelligence software. We will choose the platform and approach that best meets your needs.

Business Intelligence Software Experience:

  • Microsoft Power BI - This software from Microsoft is a newer addition to the business intelligence software marketplace. Even though, Microsoft has made major commitment to integrating and developing this software platform into their entire software stack. Appian has very positive expe