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Now more than ever managers need quick and efficient access to business dashboards to manage the barrage of information that they are presented with in business. An excellent way to cut through this clutter is to design a business dashboard that will present key business performance metrics in a clear and concise way. At the same time, this dashboard can provide essential interactivity to change, filter or pivot the business intelligence dashboard view to quickly access the aspect of the information needed.

Appian Analytics provides unsurpassed capability in business analytics and business dashboard development and implementation. Clients look to Appian Analytics for assistance in developing dashboards that provide the critical snapshot of business performance. We work with clients from all business constituencies to brainstorm the key performance metrics to track as well as the design and development of your dashboard.

Keys Business Intelligence Dashboards:

  • Clear and Concise Views - One interactive business dashboard screen can be modified to show a wealth of information and take the place of hundreds of pages of PowerPoint.
  • Fast and efficient - Its essential that managers have fast and easy access to the information and not have to wait for updates
  • Powerfully Illustrated - Dashboard views should convey information in a succinct and powerfully illustrated way that communicates the issues clearly but without annoying graphic distractions
  • Top level views and "drill down" capability - Its essential to provide a clear, summarized performance view but oftentimes users will also need to be able to drill into the detail behind a view.
  • Automation - Data needs to be kept up-to-date in real time or according to a schedule that meets the needs of business. Also, when multiple data sources are involved the process of integrating and formatting the data for the database needs to be automated, efficient and high quality
  • Security - Users need a variety of secure access to the dashboard views. At a minimum this is password protected access but it can include what are called "data access rights" which provide for different levels of data access based on the role of the individual user.
  • Scalability - The business dashboard needs to be able to provide the proper speed and efficiency now and also in the future based on the growth needs of the organization which includes both the data ultimately expected to be stored and also the number of users who will eventually have access.

Appian Analytics has deep technical experience in business dashboard software and related technology. In addition, we have a great deal of wide ranging industry experience which can be critical to the success of a business dashboard. Our business analyst team works closely with the software engineering team to brainstorm, design and develop a business dashboards that will meet the needs of your business. In terms of technology the Appian team is well versed in a variety of dashboard technology platforms and will recommend and choose the software that best meets your requirements. This is important as many firms try to force the software with which they are most comfortable rather than the best software and technology for your needs.

Business Intelligence Software Experience

  • Microsoft Power BI - This is a new dashboard platform with very strong backing from one of the largest companies in computing. This business dashboard software provides a wide range of capability including outstanding geographic and mapping capabilities. Additionally, all dashboard output is in HTML5 which is able to be used on the desktop and virtually every modern mobile device. As a final point, Appian has developed dashboards that integrate the outstanding benefits of Power BI along with other software to provide a hybrid solution that provides the best of each technology.
  • SAP Crystal Xcelsius - Also, called SAP Dashboard Design this tool provides fast and efficient development of stunning dashboard views. The team at Appian has deep capability to leverage the platform well beyond its typical small data usage and have experience building business dashboard views based on Terabytes of data as well as extremely complex data modeling and analytics requirements.
  • Custom HTML5 Dashboards - Sometimes requirements dictate the need for very custom user experience either because of the graphical user interface (GUI), the software process flow, the complex screen layouts, and/or the specific graph styles needed. Appian has built a large number of custom, HTML 5 dashboards with very large/big data backends, intricate data models, and complex analytical needs.
  • Tableau Dashboards This is an impressive and fast deploying business dashboard system. If you or your clients have experience using Tableau, it can be an effective choice for deployment.
  • Custom Dashboards Using Advanced D3 Visualization - D3 is an advanced JavaScript visualization library that provides some of the most advanced and flexible graphical capabilities available. We have built a number of dashboards that leverage this impressive graphical library and is the proven choice for certain high complexity or highly specific graphical views
  • Mix and Match - Many of the technologies listed here can be combined to create an integrated dashboard that leverages the best of the various components while minimizing the time and expense involved in development.

A final note has to do with the variety of relational database management systems that are critical to storing the sometimes massive and complex data models behind any business dashboard. Appian has experience with a variety of relational database managements systems including Microsoft SQL Server including its multi-dimensional capabilities, MySQL, as well as other more specialized database management systems.

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