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Appian Analytics is a business analytics services bureau specializing in helping clients use data to their fullest advantage. Our applied analytics services focus on solving data-intensive challenges in statistical analysis, business intelligence software development, automated data processing, reporting, data conversion, ETL, and data mining.

Additionally, our analysts and software engineers can design and build custom software so that our clients can solve their data challenges on their own-- now and in the future.

We employ rigorous practices in project management and formal software development processes to ensure success regardless of the project size and scope. Our deep technical experience in large and complex database management, business intelligence, business analytics, and data warehousing is complimented by knowledge and experience working across business disciplines and industries. By leveraging Appian Analytics, our clients gain access to significant experience solving the data-intensive and quantitative problems they face.

Appian Analytics will help with challenging problems in:

  • Applied Analytics
    We will understand the business issues being addressed, brainstorm appropriate business analytics approaches using decision theory, select proper technologies, structure and design the solution, perform the analysis and programming, review and quality-check the results, illustrate findings and generate reports.

  • Statistical Analysis Consulting
    We will understand the issue being addressed, select appropriate analysis and statistical methodologies, design the analysis, perform the analysis and programming, review and analyze the results, illustrate findings and generate reports.

  • Automated Reporting Solutions
    We will automatically produce your reports and other documents in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, HTML, and more. We'll automatically process databases, perform calculations, change formatting, and perform tabulations. Increase productivity, reduce cost, simplify production, and enhance quality and customer service. Appian business analytics services beats the competition by fully automating your information workflow.

  • Survey Data Collection
    We will field your important survey online, in an advanced mobile-friendly platform or offline. Appian Analytics can program your survey using an advanced online system that provides real time status and survey analysis. You can access the online tool to track quota and progress, perform real time analysis, and ensure the success of your survey. Appian business analytics also provides business-to-business telephone interviewing, tabulation, and sophisticated survey analysis services.

  • Data Processing, Data Transformation, Extraction/Transformation/Load (ETL)
    We can automate the complex steps related to taking your raw data formats and putting them into a data structure that can be used for analysis and to load in software. These processes include a wide variety of methods including data conversion, data cleaning, column/row transformation, labeling, calculations, and much more.

  • Database Management and Hosting Services
    We will process data needed for client decision making, transfer data from media, clean, and prepare data, architect optimized decision support data model, load data into data warehouse, provide query, analysis, and provide reporting on demand.

  • Dashboards and Business Intelligence Software
    We will select the appropriate business intelligence tool, design the data model, brainstorm the metrics and reports, refine the user interface, and integrate and deploy the application. Appian business analytics is a Value Added Reseller partner of SAP / Business Objects and other software systems.

  • Statistical Analysis Software Development
    We will review quantitative and data challenges, brainstorm and select analytical and business intelligence tools, architect and design the data model, GUI Interface, and application functionality, as well as design reports, graphs, tables, charts, and other output. Appian business analytics works in a variety of platforms including: SPSS, R, STATA, SAS, and others.

Appian Analytics can craft a solution that will leverage analysts and software engineers highly experienced in a number of industry standard business intelligence, analytical software, and development tools. Choose the technology that best fits your organization or let our experts recommend what's best for your problem. Our staff is experienced in solving data challenges using data analysis and data manipulation technologies such as: Python, R, SPSS, SAS, and STATA. Additionally, we have experience building software special purpose analytic software applications using Python, Microsoft .NET, Ruby, and others. Finally, we can also leverage a wide variety of database management systems including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and others.

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