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Today in business there is an overwhelming flow of information that you need to manage your critical business processes. Appian Analytics can help you to create and manage your balanced scorecard so that you can stay on top of your business profitability while monitoring the non financial considerations. Balanced scorecards provide managers with quick views of business performance without wading through reams of information. Indeed, a balanced scorecard can summarize the position of the company in a quick, insightful, and powerfully illustrated way.

Balanced scorecards represent a type of business performance report that integrates key performance data that includes not just financial performance reporting but also other non financial related information such as quality, service level, customer or employee feedback, productivity and other less tangible metrics. Integrating this data together is the key aspect of a balanced scorecard. Additionally, a balanced scorecard is generally a highly summarized presentation of these balanced business performance metrics.

As a result of these requirements and considerations, building a balanced scorecard requires expertise in both the industry and the software technology related to creating a high performance, interactive software application. Appian Analytics has both the technical expertise in the analytics software necessary for an easy-to-use, clear, and powerfully illustrated balanced scorecard. But also, we often have the industry expertise necessary to help you understand the key performance metrics to track. What's more, integrating the wide variety of metrics together is a critical task that requires database integration skills including the ability to automate those processes on an ongoing basis for scorecard updates.

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