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The "Right" Way to Offshore

Appian Analytics provides a fresh perspective to companies seeking efficiency through offshoring. For projects that would benefit from an offshore service model, we can help clients gain cost savings while maximizing quality and productivity.

Outsourcing Strategic Services:

  • Staff Augmentation - Skilled Analytics talent is expensive and difficult to keep on staff for long periods. With an offshore model you can leverage a large pool of skilled talent quickly and cost effectively.
  • Project Execution - A one off project that requires highly skilled analytics staff would be better handled by a short term project team.
  • Process Reengineering - Break down the tasks associated with a manual process and extract components that are better and more cost effective performed in an offshore model.
  • Process Globalization - Do you have a manual and expensive process that you want to make more cost effective and easier to manage? With the right offshore model you can obtain better cost and efficiency.

Onshore, Nearshore, or Offshore? How about "Rightshore":

If you can benefit from an outsourcing model avoids the mistake of most offshoring firms who try to send 90% or more of a work process offshore. Instead, Appian seeks to maximize both cost and quality/service. This requires a critical eye to review work processes for tasks that are best performed offshore AND tasks that are best kept onshore (or "nearshore.")

The problem is that many offshore service providers do little more than throw lots of cheap labor at a work problem. This can appear to be a cost savings at first but inevitably a number of new costs are created.

The following table illustrates extra costs companies often incur when offshoring:

Problems with Typical Offshoring Firms:

  • Too Much Management Time - Offshoring will require more management time. What becomes immediately obvious when working with a typical offshore firm is the amount of time you and your staff must spend managing your offshore partner.
  • Communication is Weak - Most offshore firms require you to communicate directly with your vendor. Overseas calls are typically done with IP protocol phones. There are annoying echoes, you can barely hear each other and of course there are problems understanding each other because of language and dialect.
  • Too Much Back and Forth - Often times you will not get what you want the first, second, and even third time around. Of course, this can get even worse than this. This causes lots of extra time when you need to turn something around quickly. Also, if you don't catch a problem quickly enough, your offshore team will be asleep when you need a fix to be made.
  • Very Late and Early Morning Working Hours - Typically, your offshore provider will only be available very early in the morning and late at night. If you live on the West Coast be prepared for very early meetings that can easily start at 6am. And don't think about leaving work at the office in the evening. You will need to answer questions and be available in the evening. If you are on the East Coast you will have late nights communicating and managing your offshore team.

When seeking a partner for your rightshoring analytics needs take care to consider all the new costs that may result. Working with Appian Analytics you can be sure to obtain both cost savings and high quality.

Stop wasting time on data and focus on your business!

Outsourcing Rightshoring Analytics is a snap

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