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There are a number of benefits and cost savings a company can realize through outsourcing. This is especially true given the specialization that is required to successfully execute an advanced analytics project. Specialized knowledge and experience in software, statistical approaches, and business/industry expertise is essential to success. As a result of working with Appian Analytics on your important analytics challenge you can expect the following benefits:

  • Management & Oversight Savings - You save on both your time and the cost related to managing employees.
  • Line Item Management Simplicity - Rather than managing more employees you can focus on one line item from Appian Analytics.
  • Increased Business Focus - Businesses that outsource are able to focus on what they do best and not waste time on "non-core" business functions.
  • Payroll Tax Savings - You save on the employer's portion of each employee's payroll tax as well as worker's compensation cost which combined can be as much as 12% of pay.
  • Healthcare Savings - You save on ever increasing healthcare costs which can easily be $1,000 per employee, per month for an employee with a family.
  • Incentive Savings - You save on vacation/sick pay, retirement incentives such as 401(k), performance bonuses, and other forms of incentive pay.
  • Overhead Expense Savings - You save on a large range of ancillary expenses related to having employees work on your premises including: computers, telephone, internet, offices, administration, recruiting, insurance, and many other expenses.

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