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What We Do

Appian Analytics is a business analytics firm that provides services and software solutions to solve challenging business decision making problems. We assist clients in selecting and applying solutions that solve the decision making problems they face. Our approach draws on core competencies in computer technology, traditional decision theory, management science. Our projects require expert application of business analysis software tools; knowledge of statistics, operations research and other decision theories; and experience with the industry in question and the unique challenges, data models, and issues faced.

Typical projects include helping clients analyze data for business problems, building visualization solutions to help clarify and succinctly communicate analysis results, design and development of business performance dashboards, building analytical software applications, automating reports, processing large data sets, hosting databases, enhancing data, and developing custom analysis and statistics software.

Analysts and software engineers are specialists in data analysis, business intelligence, data warehousing, statistical analysis, data processing, database automation, and automated reporting. Technical experience and solutions are provided using the best tool for the job and include: Python, R, SAS, SPSS, Microsoft SQL and Analysis Services, MySQL, Microsoft .NET (C#, Visual Basic), Business Objects, Excel, Microsoft Access, and more.

Working At Appian Analytics

Appian Analytics is strongly devoted to its greatest resource--the intelligent and hard working staff that provide superior customer service and innovative solutions to our customers. We pride ourselves on nurturing unique individuals into a team environment dedicated to applying leading technology and decision theories to business problems.

Appian Analytics collaborates with great technology partners to architect, plan, and design superior software and analytical solutions for our clients. Every project is unique and Appian Analytics staff are trained to approach each business problem by thinking broadly, focusing on solving key issues, leveraging technologies, implementing solid mathematical and quantitative theory, and above all, be results oriented and deliver lasting value for the client.

Appian Analytics is always looking for individuals that express a strong sense of dedication, curiosity, and quantitative and technical experience. We offer the opportunity for professional development in an interesting and stimulating environment. Our work spans a diverse range of product and service offerings, industries, functional applications, and client sizes. If you have the passion for an opportunity to take on significant, industry-shaping projects, Appian Analytics has a career for you. We have both contract and full time employment opportunities available. In addition, we are always looking to expand our network of consultants for part time and full time project work.

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