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Appian Analytics provides analytics consulting services via a high quality service delivery framework. Our services integrate cutting edge technology and software capabilities with both deep analytics consulting experience and deep industry experience. The Appian team of data analysts and software development engineers have talked some of the toughest challenges in data intensive problems.

Our goal is to provide the best service to the customer while delivering solutions that are easy for the client to use, implement, and understand. Indeed, it is the core philosophy of Appian Analytics that every client solution must be clear, succinct, and insightful. All our work is driven by the goal of reducing complexity for our clients while providing rigorous data analysis, statistical analysis, reporting, database and custom software solutions.

While it is true that each analytics consulting client problem is unique and requires a unique approach, Appian Analytics applies time-tested methods of delivering successful client projects. Our approach is based on formal process management principles. The groundwork of these principles were identified and developed by the Department of Defense and the Software Engineering Institute and is collectively referred to as the Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

Analytics Consulting Process

In general terms, clients can expect a delivery experience on analytics consulting projects based on the following set of work steps. Again, all projects are different and the approach may differ based upon the size, type and scope of the project. Obviously, larger, more complex projects will require a more comprehensive work plan while simple projects may be addressed with less detail and client interaction.

Review Analytics Challenge

  • Problem review and issue discussion
  • Business requirements
  • Brainstorm analytic approach and solutions
  • Identify budgetary constraints, think through ROI, consider cost to benefit trade-offs

Develop Proposal

  • Analyze requirements and brainstorm solutions
  • Translate business requirements to technical requirements
  • Select the most appropriate project lifecycle model
  • Data abstraction
  • Establish project scope, work plan, resource requirements, and project timeline
  • Development project investment

Project Kick-Off

  • Construct detailed work plan and identify "binary" milestones
  • Select staff with the appropriate functional skills and related industry experience
  • Identify and begin data gathering and documentation
  • Perform quality assurance
  • Manage client relationship and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Ongoing progress reviews and demos

Project Completion

  • Perform additional quality assurance and testing
  • Review and finalize documentation
  • Conduct interim client review sessions

Project Delivery

  • If needed, deliver incrementally on milestone events
  • Review project with client on-site and/or off-site
  • Set future check-in date to confirm quality and customer satisfaction

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