The Appian Way

The Appian Way is an incredibly constructed road, built by ancient Romans in 300 B.C., that still stands today. That the road still exists, let alone that parts of it are still in use, is a testament to its superior engineering, substantial construction components, and the ingenuity of its creators.

It is this same concept of superior engineering-- planning, design, and architecture as well as the strong components of proprietary technology and skilled staff that is the founding philosophy at Appian Analytics.

What We Do

We help our clients tackle their toughest data-intensive problems in business analytics, data analysis, statistics, software development, simulation modeling, automated data processing, report automation, and database management. In addition, we specialize in designing custom analytics software for our clients to use in solving their own problems - now and in the future. The team at Appian Analytics are experts at using analytics, business intelligence and data warehousing software, specialized statistical methods, and other tools to provide powerful software solutions.

Our Approach

We have very formal project and software development methodology experience that the team at Appian follows to ensure the highest quality, on-time and on budget delivery. In general terms, clients can expect a project delivery experience based on a standard set of work steps in the Appian Consulting Approach.

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